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Songs from Jinxadillo:

 Fade to Black
 Think Too Much
 What Life's All About

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Elena will find you
when she decides you've loved too long
Elena will find you
She'll change your face until you are a stranger to your lover
She'll chill your heart until it's cold
to any but Elena

Elena will find you
Just wave the dollar in your hand
Elena will find you
She knows when payday is and she'll be waiting in the barroom
Your Friday nights like all your life
will always star Elena

The waves crush the shore
and your fortunes fly
she raises up a graceful hand

Elena will find you
when she hears laughter in your song
Elena will find you
She's always said you play the blues songs better than the others
Forget the days when you sang praise
to any but Elena


Copyright 2000 Bruce C. Kula