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God, God, God, source of all goodness and light
I've got a few neighbors I think, with respect, you should smite
One spoke to you in Greek instead of Latin
He wandered round his house without a hat on
Although thou art loving, although thou art kind
Would you think it too much to strike the man blind?

God, God, God, thou who art free of all fault
I know several women you'd love to make pillars of salt
One exposed herself to be a pagan
She took in vain the name of Ronald Reagan
I know you are known for your mercy's great breadth
But couldn't we simply stone her to death?

There's a man who writes songs disparaging me
One calls himself a shaman
One drew a picture of a tree
Only God can make a tree

God, God, God, thou who make Xenu look small
I trust you will hear one final obeisant call
Your careful scrutiny of my mullah's visa
Will show his haj ended somewhere near Ibiza
I know those gentle things Jesus once said
But couldn't we this time lop off a head?

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 © 2012 Bruce Kula